Why is propaganda sought out for power?

During the Roman Empire the Roman Gods had a specific idea of power, which consisted of a republican government. Augustus was the first emperor who created the Pax Romana, it brought nearly 200 years of peace. The Pax Romana,or Roman peace, was issued due to the violence during the lawlessness of the Republic. When Augustus was in power he created the diarchy, he made it seem like there were two authorities, but in reality it was only him in control. He presided over the senate to show who was in control. Does that make him egotistical?

Augustus von Prima Porta (20-17 v. Chr.), aus der Villa Livia in Prima Porta, 1863

He received a couple of honors such as,  the name of Augustus in 27 BCE. He also convinced the senate to declare Julius Caesar a deity, only so that he can be deified himself as, “Divi Filius”, meaning son of a god. When Augustus died he also became a god and got a month named after him. Augustus was a master of politics and image making propaganda. Going through the honors of Augustus it made me recall the honors I received as Captain of my soccer team.

I played four years of high school soccer at Highland, I was captain for two of those years. I had quite the experience being captain, it’s not running the Roman Empire but it had its similarities. I was  running a soccer empire. To become captain my coach chose the candidates and the team had to vote for who they liked best, like a political election. There were no real debates, just little remarks from the girls who really wanted the position of team captain. In all the comments the girls made there were bits of propaganda in order to gain the team’s vote.  The votes were casted and I became captain with two other girls so making it three people sharing power. Much like Augustus’ senate, I was often excluded from the “captain meetings”and important decisions about field tactics and I wondered why. I thought to myself, “How is it possible to not have a say in these important inquiries if I was appointed captain too?” I decided to start speaking out and giving my ideas to do what was best for the team. I put my foot down and said,

“ We have to work as one team. We all have opinions and ideas and we must listen to each other to be able to have an agreement on what is best for the team. Being captain is not being better than every one, it is to help each other grow and lead to victory.”


As I started giving my ideas little by little the team started looking up to me. It felt good I didn’t use false information to gain their trust and acceptance. Years prior, the team was very messy. There were lots of conflicts due to the position of captain being chosen based on favorites.

Fear also played a big factor because the voting happened but you would be “threatened” to vote towards a certain player. The voting came to the point where being captain meant you were the best out of everyone on the team. This is not true because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Leadership is a skill you are either strong or weak doing it.

It all comes down to what the people want to believe and what is influenced upon them through propaganda and their own intellectual thoughts. Does propaganda lead to being egotistical? Does that egotism influence a person?