Comparing makeup to an empire is very relatable in today’s society. The skills in makeup have evolved with new products, new techniques, new styles, and most importantly more platforms for expanding. The Empire of makeup and cosmetology is the definition of the empire with new products constantly trying to take down the one prior to it. Throughout history, we can see the transformation of where the bases of makeup started. A timeline throughout the years will show the improvements of the beauty world including their expansion on various products and their techniques.


Instead of going to the closest Sephora or Ulta store to pick up an eyeliner because you are running low, you make one. The process of creating something simple like eyeliner became easier as technology advanced and continues to advance. The making of cosmetics continues to be the same by mixing earthly ingredients to create the colors and products that we buy today. The difference is the machinery used to produce a mass production as opposed to making and mixing by hand.

For example, to create black eyeliner there was a combination of many products such as burnt almonds, different colored copper, lead, ash, and ochre. They applied it

18th Century Kohl container.

using a wooden stick that had the end points rounded off. Kohl was mostly used in parts of South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, the horn of Africa and West Africa. Although this product was very much sought out for it rose health concerns in which it became harmful to the eyes. Many of these health issues included bad eyesight and lead poisoning.

It was not just the products that transformed the makeup empire, it was also the social status. The great thing about social status is that it is now known as trends.

The Incan empire used their clothing to show social classes- more embroidery, higher the class status. In the Chou dynasty,  royals wore gold and silver nail polish made out of gum, gelatin, beeswax, and egg. While the lower classes were not allowed to wear bright colors on their nails.

Today’s trends aren’t necessarily stating social status but it is stating “who’s hot and who’s not”. The platforms to advertise and to get the products needed have changed. It was known to get these products through recipes now at every store there is some sort of cosmetic product. The trends have changed based on the want of the people.

When I was about ten years old, I was experimenting with makeup. I wanted to follow how the celebrities had their makeup because whoever recreated a celebrities make-up made you ‘cool’. I wanted to be ‘cool’, so I put on blue eyeshadow, bright red lips, and I went heavy handed on the blush. I remember thinking, “Wow, I am so cool”. I look back to these pictures and burst out laughing because the combination of the three colors together was not pretty what so ever. That was what I thought the trend was back in 2007.

Fast-forward to three years later when winged eyeliner or otherwise known as the cat eye became the face of makeup. Then a year later it was smooth skin or foundation that covered any “imperfections”.


In 2015 there was a trend for contouring to get the Kim Kardashian look and in that year as well there was a trend for strobing. Strobing is the excessive use of highlighter, it became the new contouring. As fun as that sounds the makeup trends continue to evolve and take over different platforms, whether it is Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Today’s talk is about makeup and there is only one explanation for it-makeup is taking over the internet. With the ability to access and post anything you want, many take the advantage to make a living off making YouTube videos and posting pictures on the social media. I started out watch Michelle Phan on Youtube before she made her own cosmetic line. Celebrities like Kylie started her own Empire in makeup, which is booming in business. Others like NikkieTutorials, Jaclyn Hill, Manny Mua, Jeffrey Star, Laura Lee, and Kathleen Lights have collaborated with big makeup companies and are even working on their own line of products. Makeup is expanding, it is becoming a bigger entity. While there are downfalls like health issues, this empire prospers and continues to be on top. When will the makeup empire fall?( Not that I want it to fall) Comment below, I’d love to see the responses.