The name is Esmeralda, a first-year Undecided/Undeclared student at University of California, Irvine.selfie-blog

I was reading over the syllabus for Humanities Core and I saw that I am required to blog.

I was freaking out!

It was not the excited kind, it was the terrified kind. You know the kind where you start to over think the situation, and you get a little antsy.

I mean, come on, Humanities Core blogging, you would freak out too, but when I attended the course seminar and had more information about the blog and why we are doing it I felt more comfortable with the idea. This blog is to strengthen my writing, find my voice through writing, and give my own interpretation of the course readings.

I am becoming a blogger solely for the purpose of Humanities Core. Humanities Core is a year-round course focused on the study of Empires and Ruins which is ties into studying literature, film, art, and history. Here you will find my own analysis and understanding of the text or visuals throughout the course. Feel free to give constructive criticism or your own understanding/opinion, as I want to make this blog interactive.