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Oh How the Tables Have Turned!

As the year is coming to an end, and time to move out of the dorms has come, I have noticed how much stuff I have acquired through the school year. Currently, my room is filled with stuffed bags and... Continue Reading →


Are You In or Out?

Intriguing questions come up in class like this one all the time but with my timid self lacks the courage to raise a hand and answer the question. Instead, I sit there nodding my head along with the other’s response. It... Continue Reading →

13th Amendment

As time progresses, history is often referenced in order to make and important law, reform, treaty decision or any type of decision for that matter. Opening the doors of history can lead to finding answers to the past, answers to... Continue Reading →

Clothing Matters

It is Saturday, it is also payday so, do you know what that means...I get to go SHOPPING!I get on the Anteater Express and head over to the Irvine Spectrum. I go into every store, browsing at first then, if... Continue Reading →

My Name is [fill in the blank] What significance does a name have in Empire? Well for starters it is a way to identify ourselves and others, names are also remembered throughout history. Your name is a representation of self whether you change it, identify with... Continue Reading →

The Empire of Today

Comparing makeup to an empire is very relatable in today's society. The skills in makeup have evolved with new products, new techniques, new styles, and most importantly more platforms for expanding. The Empire of makeup and cosmetology is the definition... Continue Reading →

First Quarter Feels

Starting the quarter I was told repeatedly to drop Humanities Core because of its rigorous workload. Ten weeks later I recommend this class to anyone interested in studying the history of man and how the human evolved into what we... Continue Reading →

Disputes on the Civilized Human

I missed the presidential election! On the night of the election, I had to go to bed early to wake up for an internship the next day. When I woke up, I looked at my phone and went through the ten notifications... Continue Reading →

Vice and Empire

As a child I grew up watching the Disney Princesses- I am 17 now and still do! I remember dressing up as Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora waltzing around my living room. I dreamed of the fairytale ending of my Prince Charming... Continue Reading →

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